Music History Rock Music: From Rebellion to Mainstream
Rock Music: From Rebellion to Mainstream

The Wild Origins of Rock Music

I've got to admit, I love to talk about music, and there's something about rock that keeps calling me back. Like the wildest cat or the most energetic dog, there's an unpredictable, unrefined, and all-permeating energy to it. Even my Maine Coon Indigo gets riled up when I blast my favourite rock anthems! But let's cut to the catchy riff - where did this whole phenomenon begin? And how on earth did it become such a central part of our collective groove?

Well, let me dial back a few decades. Back when socks hopped, poodle skirts twirled, and folks were jiving to a different beat - the 1950s. Rock emerged in the American South, a rebellious cry in a sea of post-war regularity. It was the soundtrack to teenage angst and the voice of a generation that was no longer content to abide by the norms of their parents. The birth of this genre was a music revolution in itself, drawing on a melange of blues, gospel, jazz and country music, not forgetting a splash of rhythm and blues.

Picture hot summer nights in Memphis, a young Elvis Presley crooning into a microphone with all the sensuality of a burgeoning rock and roll star, essentially revamping the music scene. He, along with Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Buddy Holly, would plant the seeds of rebellion in the hearts of many a frustrated youngster.

Moving into Mainstream Society

Now, let's spin that vinyl forward to the 1960s and '70s. The seeds previously planted sprouted into a full-grown garden. Surprisingly, the edgy genre becoming less and less niche. Coincidentally, this movement syncs with an episode from my life when I decided to grow out my hair, much to my father's chagrin. The '70s were a time for experimentation. Musicians like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones expanded the genre, moving rock from the dance hall to the world stage. Then came the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Queen, and Led Zeppelin. Oh, how their epic ballads and electrifying solos blew people's minds!

As the years flew by, rock music went from an act of rebellion to a staple of mainstream society. It was everywhere: at school dances, on the radio—heck, even my mother was humming along to Deep Purple! The once-iconic growling amps and raucous rebellion came to represent an era of change and freedom, the soundtrack to a generation that wanted to break free from the constraints of what was considered the norm.

A Rolling Stone Keeps Gathering No Moss: Continuous Evolution

The evolution of rock didn't stop there. No, no, no. It continued, morphing into various sub-genres and continually influencing the music scene. Consider punk rock, heavy metal, grunge – essentially distinctive periods of rock music, each with its unique flavour.

A personal favorite evolution of mine was the 90's grunge era, symbolized by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, where the sound became more raw and songs were filled with introspective lyrics reflecting the societal disillusionment of those years.

And then, there was glam rock with artists like David Bowie at its helm, promoting an overtly theatrical style. All these different phases of rock music evolution were as varied and rapidly changing as my Goldendoodle, Nimbus, loves to chase after squirrels in the park.

Rock Music: An Echo of a Generation

If you're an ardent follower of rock - like yours truly - then you'll also notice how it's more than just electrifying riffs, charismatic frontmen and women, and the forever upshifted level of 'cool'. It is, in a sense, a reflection of the era that it emerged in. The struggles, the joys, the changes - all perfectly encapsulated in the energy of rock anthems of those times.

Take, for example, the raucous energy of the '50s and '60s, protesting wars and fighting for civil rights. Or the cynicism of the '90s, reflected in grunge music. Rock is as mutable as it is powerful, an echo of the generation represented by its lyrics and sounds.

Influence on Other Genres

I would be musically remiss if I didn’t point out the impact of rock music on other genres. Take for instance, pop music. Pop artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna seamlessly blended elements of rock into their sound, creating a fusion of music styles that broadened their appeal. Also, rock’s firm hand can be felt in the hip-hop world with artists like Run DMC, Beastie Boys and more recently, Post Malone incorporating rock into their music.

And then we go globally. Rock music didn't just stay in its birth country—it spread its influence worldwide, with bands in the UK, Europe, Australia (yes, here at home!), South Africa, and indeed globally making their mark on the genre. Oh, how proud I am of our own AC/DC and their contribution to rock!

Rock Music Today: A Rebel with a Cause?

As I sit here on this August day in 2023, with my pets Indigo and Nimbus providing the occasional burst of inspiration, I wonder about rock’s relevance in the contemporary music scene. There is no denying that the musical landscape has shifted, with other genres grabbing the spotlight. Yet, rock music holds its stand, fighting for relevance with the same spirit it was born out of.

Artists like Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, and Royal Blood are keeping the genre alive and kicking, while newer artists such as Greta Van Fleet are rekindling the old-school vibes with their Led Zeppelin-esque sound. Yes, it's an uphill battle, but then, rock was always about the fight - the revolution - the rebellion. And that will never change. It will continue to roll, roll, and roll, like a stone that gathers no moss.

Rock On, Folks!

For me, rock music is not just a genre – it is a lifestyle, a language, a form of expression. It tells the story of rebellion and resistance, of change and defiance. While it may have somewhat shifted into the mainstream, it hasn't lost its inherent ability to stir emotions, to evoke a sense of togetherness in its raw and unadulterated form.

So, pick up your air guitars, dust off your vinyl, and put on your favourite rock anthem. From its rebellious roots to its mainstream-ification, rock music has always been there for us in every period of our lives, in all its variations and sub-genres. And it will continue to rock us for generations to come. Rock on, folks!

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