Music Trends Pop Music and Body Positivity: A Growing Trend
Pop Music and Body Positivity: A Growing Trend

The Evolution of Body Positivity in Pop

Now, sit back, infuse your coffee with a dash of cream, perhaps a hint of cinnamon if you're feeling decadent, and let's embark on this insightful journey (complete with an occasional injected dose of pun - sorry!). Picture this: I'm sitting here with my majestic Maine Coon, Indigo, on my lap, fingers poised on the keyboard, and my ever playful Goldendoodle, Nimbus, demanding yet another round of fetch with his favourite tennis ball, as I dive headfirst into the topic at hand: the emerging trend of body positivity in the powerhouse heartbeat called Pop Music!

When we flip through the pages of pop music history (or in our modern era, scroll through the archives), we see a constant trend – tall, slim, beautiful in that eerily standardised way mainstream media adores. Many a little boy or girl would stare at their bedroom poster of the hot pop icon of the day, eyes wide, heart thudding, and silently wish that one day, they'd wake up looking just like them. But all that is starting to change, darlings, and let me tell you, it's an exciting wave we're surfing!

The Pop Revolution

Could we all just take a moment to appreciate the trendsetters in the pop industry who, bit by bit, are chiselling away at the vast, frozen tundra of standardised beauty and helping evolve it into a glorious, diverse landscape?

Artists like Lizzo, with her unapologetic gusto, Meghan Trainor and her 'All About That Bass' anthem, Demi Lovato’s 'Confident', or even Kesha’s recent return with 'Rainbow', have proudly taken the stage, and shouted – "Hey world! This is me. No apologies, no compromises. Just pure," There's no hushed silence, no uncomfortable shifting in seats. Instead, an uproarious applause echoes back to them. The world is ready, eager even, to embrace this change.

Every time I listen to these songs, I remember getting teased for my 'baby fat' in high school. Fact is, I was plumper than most of my peers, something that I felt the sting of quite often. But guess what? Words don’t sting anymore. These songs, these artists – they’re my anthem. They resonate with a part of me that yearned for acceptance for years. Speaking of which, let's plunge into the deep impact of these trends.

The Impact of Body Positivity on Listeners

Pop music, to most folks, is a go-to source for mood upliftment. I mean, who among us hasn't danced in the kitchen to a catchy pop beat, often with a baffled pet looking on? But with this evolving trend, pop music has grown into something that’s more than just a temporary 'feel good' resource. Instead, it's turning into a constant throb of positive reinforcement, gently needling self-love and body acceptance into the hearts of its listeners.

When you hear lyrics that echo your own struggles and triumphs, you feel seen, understood. These pop numbers celebrate diversity, encouraging their listeners to step out of their cocoons of self-consciousness and bloom with unabashed love for oneself. They support us in beating our chests and confidently saying "This is me, love it or lump it!".

The Future of Body Positive Pop

It's exciting, isn’t it? An era not just of catchy beats and foot-tapping rhythms, but of profound, life-altering messages! We are in an epoch where the power of lyrics can change societal norms, and influence the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Body positive pop isn't just a trend. It's a movement, a powerful wave cresting higher with every soulful note, every heartfelt lyric, taking with it millions of people caught in its thrilling rapture.

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe my plump self will see the day when body positive pop is no longer a sub-genre or a special category, but simply mainstream. Where beauty is no more one standardised precept, but a colourful collage of variations, and we are all allowed the grace to stand tall and proud, just the way we are. As I write this, I glance at Indigo and Nimbus. Their adorable factor isn't merely because they're gorgeous, but because they're perfectly at home within their skins, something we should all strive to emulate. So, let's all celebrate this positive change in the pop music scene and anticipate such trends in other genres as well! It really is going to be an interesting ride.

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